So you’re on the fence about making the leap and moving to solid shampoo. You’re looking up bits and pieces but you’re still not sure, or maybe you’re just looking to learn a bit more about it all. Luckily you’re in the right place! Click here to check out our range of solid shampoos!

Plastic Free

The most obvious difference between a normal bottle of shampoo and a solid shampoo is the lack of plastic. Even though plastic is recyclable, most can only be recycled a certain number of times before it’s no good anymore. If you’re trying to reduce your plastic use, or go plastic-free, then solid shampoo is a no brainer.

More Space

Think about how much space is taken up in your bathroom with bottles and bottles and maybe even more bottles… Now think about how much space a bar of soap takes up. Less clutter = a happier shower!

Less Water Usage

If you pick up any bottle of shampoo and look at the list of ingredients, the first on the list will be water (aqua), and then more water is used as you wash your hair. With a bar of solid shampoo, there is less water used as there isn’t all that water in the finished product, but it still lathers up just as well as conventional shampoo.

Less Harsh on Your Hair

Lots of mainstream brands use detergents as the base for their shampoos. These strip the hair of the oils and then use silicones to add a shine, making it look like the hair is healthy when it may not be. Homemade solid shampoos are soap-based and cleanse excess oils rather than stripping all oils (even the good ones!) making them easier on your hair.


If you’re looking to go away for a weekend, visit a family member or friend, or go on holidays, then solid shampoo makes live SO much easier. No more wondering will it be allowed through security, will I have to buy some past security to bring with me, will it fit easily in the bag, will it spill in the bag, and so much more. A small tin, a solid bar, a simple way to travel.